Signal Processing and Communications Laboratory

Department of Engineering

IB Paper 6 Communications

Easter Term 2013

Jossy Sayir


The slides/handouts I used for the lecture are available for download:

  • Handout_1 Course organisation, history of communications, signals and channels
  • Handout_2 Analogue modulation
  • Handout_3 Digitisation and baseband modulation
  • Handout_4 Digital modulation and channel coding
  • Handout_5 Multiple Access

Handwritten material

Transcripts of some of the material I wrote on the black board or on the overhead projector. This is not exam material and is only provided to help those who sat too far from the front to make out what I wrote but are still curious about it. (if anyone wants to volunteer to take photos of the board it would save me the trouble of having to re-write it : - )

  • 22_Feb, Note_1 Table comparing finite energy with finite power signals and Fourier Transforms vs. Power Spectral Density
  • 22_Feb, Note_2 Calculation of the PSD of a cosine
  • 27_Feb, Note_1 Multiplication property of the Fourier transform
  • 27_Feb, Note_2 Multiplication with a carrier propery of the Fourier transform
  • 1_March, Note_1 AM transmitter / active receiver structure
  • 1_March, Note_2 AM passive receiver (IEP)
  • 1_March, Note_3 Sampling / digitisation of a signal
  • 8_March, Note_1 Hard decision for BPSK (for error probability calculation)
  • 13_March, Note_1 Multiple Access scenarios for cellular wireless
  • 13_March, Note_2 UMTS/GSM jargon buster (type 3001#12345# on your mobile to enter "field test mode". Tested on an iPhone 4S but may work on other models.)

Examples Papers

  • Example_1 Examples paper 1, covering handouts 2 and 3
  • Example_2 Examples paper 1, covering handouts 4 and 5

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the slides.