Signal Processing and Communications Laboratory

Department of Engineering

Research Themes

The Signal Processing and Communications Laboratory has a long-established reputation in a wide range of topics, from theoretical analysis through to highly developed applications. The laboratory consists of six academic staff plus a group (typically 30 to 35) of post-doctoral researchers and PhD students.

Some of the major research themes are listed below:

Other areas of interest include

  • Audio and Music Processing
  • Bayesian Computational Methods
  • Coding Theory
  • Computer Vision and Computer Graphics
  • Data Compression
  • Digital Communications
  • Financial Modelling
  • Image, Video and 3D Data Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Motion Capture Technologies
  • Multi-resolution and Wavelet Methods
  • Signal Processing for Life Sciences Data
  • Sparsity-based methods and Compressive Sensing
  • Statistical Inference - Computation and Theory
  • Tracking and Reasoning over Time
  • Wireless Communications