Signal Processing and Communications Laboratory

Department of Engineering

4F5: Advanced Communications and Coding

Michaelmas Term 2014

Ramji Venkataramanan & Jossy Sayir

Here is the official course description. Handouts will be posted here after the lectures.

Here are the handouts from last year's course (2013). Note that there will be some changes this year.

Information theory & Communications part (RV)

  • Handout 1 (Introduction, Entropy, AEP)
  • Handout 2 (Typical Set, Compression, Mutual Information)
  • Handout 3 (Discrete Channels, Channel Capacity)
  • Handout 4 (The Channel Coding Theorem)
  • Handout 5 (Data Processing, Fano's Inequality, Converse)
  • Handout 6 (The AWGN Channel and its Capacity)
  • Handout 7 (Modulation)
  • Handout 8 (Modelling the Wireless Channel)
  • Handout 9 (Detection in Fading Channels, Diversity)

Coding part (JS)